When you look at another

When you look at another human being, recognise the soul instead of the physical body. The physical body is just a cover concealing divinity inside. See divinity in everything and you will become divine. -…

The truly wise

The truly wise are those who live a life of higher purpose, who serve humanity selflessly, and who have embarked on a brave journey of self-discovery. - Dr Marko Saravanja

Higher purpose

You were born on planet earth for a higher purpose; to reduce suffering, and to make it a happier place. You were not born just to eat, procreate, sleep and die unremembered. You came to…

Be brave

Be brave, live freely and fully. Fear nothing. It is only when you conquer the fear of death that you can you start living. - Dr Marko Saravanja

Fall in love

Fall in love with everything you do. We came into this world to master the mystery of love. Love is the only thing worth living and dying for. Love unconditionally, love fiercely and victory will…